What’s Wrong With Web Design Templates?

web design codingDesign templates are convenient. They allow anyone to create without starting from scratch. While this saves a lot of time, however, it can be limiting. This is especially true for web design professionals. Convenience is no longer important when creating websites. It’s all about functionality now, which is only achievable from the ground up. Practitioners of web design in Greely, CO and elsewhere would vouch for this.

It’s now 2018, and there are more reasons to avoid web design templates. If you’re a business looking to have a website of your own, remember these factors.

The “Responsive” Debate

Web design templates are just what their name implies: they’re design templates. All they offer is a premade visual—the key word here is “visual”. While you can alter the looks, the underlying code likely cannot.

A website that’s not coded with the times won’t succeed. For instance, nowadays, it’s all about responsive web design. Templates aren’t likely coded to be viewed on any platform. People are almost always on the move today and will require internet access as they go.

Design templates likely don’t offer platform responsiveness, as they tend to be all about looks and not functionality.

Fully Custom Experiences

For businesses, any web designer who uses templates is a no-go. This is if they want their website to look like everything else and function poorly. It’s critical for a business website to stand out and operate according to specific requirements. This makes customers more likely to engage with its contents.

The only advantage of web design templates involves rookie designers. Templates give them something to tweak and learn from. And it stops there. A template can only serve as a safe practice run. After a designer determines what he can, he can’t use a template if he wants to get serious.

Templates lack a certain degree of professionalism and should find no use in the “real world.”

If you’re looking for a business website (especially this 2018), avoid design templates like the plague.