Three Key Opportunities for Digital Marketers

Digital MarketingAny research in the area of digital communications, particularly marketing, typically indicates a rapidly evolving spectrum of activities. There is no indication of a reversal; thus, the adopters are best positioned to gain a leap, especially in competitive fields. In the instant messaging niche, for example, this trend is very obvious with platforms like Snapchat getting so much traction among mobile users that Facebook saw its $3 billion buyout offer rejected.

Here are three key areas where opportunities await digital marketers and where getting professional marketing support solutions will benefit them.

In-store marketing

Eighty percent of millennials use their mobile phones in-store, and another 74 percent of this same demographic state their willingness to receive location-based alerts. The ability to key into these glaring trends is essential for brands, and being able to leverage it for building the brand is where the advantage truly lies.

Expiring social content

This content sharing tactic has caught on so well that it virtually fueled part of Snapchat’s rapid rise. Expiring content allows users to read or consume piecemeal content before it disappears while linking them to bigger content or stories. Not to be caught off-guard for too long, Instagram has since copied the model; thus, stirring up a rivalry between both platforms.

Interactive content

Interactive content is reported to convert 70 percent of the time published as opposed to 30 percent for static content. These include contests, polls, and quizzes, among others. This type of material acts as a stimulus for engagement and deepening of brand interaction.

The need for marketing support solutions has continued to increase with the evolution of the digital landscape and is set to rise even further.