Think Ahead: 3 Ways to Keep Your SEO Game Relevant

Man writing the SEO information on a notebookIt’s the latter part of 2017, and people are still arguing about whether SEO—or search engine optimization—is still relevant.

Nobody’s quite sure where talk of SEO losing relevance came from, but perhaps it was pushed by those who have given up on deciphering the changing Google algorithms.

As for SEO companies, especially in Salt Lake City, the practice is still very much alive. It remains important, particularly today, when more businesses are becoming ever more competitive.

So what can you do to make sure your optimization is effective enough to produce results?

Don’t Stray from Great Content

Google executives themselves agree that great content can do so much for your brand.

For effective optimization, your content should work for your customers. Content that doesn’t generate interest or is unclear doesn’t help anyone, and users who happen to visit your site will get out of there quicker than you can imagine. Uninteresting, badly formatted, stale content can ruin your chances of getting any leads or improving your site rankings.

High Quality Links Do Matter—a Lot

Some people in the industry think that links no longer have the power they once had. This is false. Links still do matter; perhaps they matter a lot more today. That’s because quality is now at the top of the pyramid. Poor quality links are unacceptable. Good links from other high quality and authoritative sites can improve your credibility, and consequently improve your Google search rankings.

Anchors Should be Relevant

Target page relevance is important for SEO central anchor text. Without relevance, not only are you trying to dupe the search engines, but you are also gaming the user. Users don’t like that, and they would be quick to judge you as a fraud and as a time-waster.

SEO is not dead, nor is there any sign that it is fading away anytime soon. Your business needs it now more than ever. Compared to the SEO of yesterday, you can no longer get away with mediocre SEO work today.