These Improvements Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Web Forms

CRO on a notebookWeb forms are an important aspect of your website as these allow your company to collect data and learn more about your visitors. Many sites have a form on their pages; however, they do not deliver the results an owner wants.

Voodoo Creative, experts on web design in Canberra cite the following techniques that improve their web forms.

Make them Intelligent

Several websites use forms that have standard fields; if a visitor fills these out and then re-encounter them, they are likely to close the page and abandon the form. You can hide fields that a visitor finished already with an intelligent form.

These ‘smart’ forms use a particular conditional and algorithm logic to display customised fields based on the history of a visitor’s submissions. Some providers and tools allow you to monitor a user that convert on several forms. This enables you to segregate prospects that you can funnel down the sales process from those that are just passing by.

Use Fewer Fields

Too many fields may test the patience of a visitor or turn them off from finishing a form. Sometimes just reducing the fields from four to three may boost conversion rate by 50%. Show only relevant fields on a form on a page to improve the likelihood of a visitor filling it out.

Form Validation

Form validation makes sure that a visitor provides the right information and completes fields before submission. This also guarantees that data is in the proper format and does not contain characters that may compromise it.

Clear Labels

This is an obvious technique to implement, but some websites still fail to do so, hence the lower conversion rate of their forms. Label the fields accordingly and make them identifiable to visitors. Provide clear descriptions to ensure that data gathered is high quality.

These are some of the techniques to implement to improve the conversion rate of your web forms. A high-quality form boosts conversions, leads and data collection.