The Power of Print: Taking Inspiration from Lego’s Recent Print Ads

Advertisement strategies as a drawn conceptLego has a reputation for building some of the most charming print ads around, and their innovative advertising shows that print still has the power to make a lasting emotional impact. After coming up with a new theme for their ads with Ogilvy Bangkok, Lego received several awards during the Cannes festival.

Lego's Unique Approach to Print Advertising

Lego’s new set of ads features kids building their future using the iconic blocks. Their goal was to inspire children to think creatively and unleash their potential to shape their future. The ads show a kid building Lego bricks in the shape of their dream career (an astronaut, rock star, and firefighter) while inside their Lego creations. Each ad had a simple yet potent tagline: “Build the future.”

Building Credibility and Engagement with Target Audiences

The power of print advertising can benefit businesses in several ways, especially those that exist solely online. Print ads, after all, engage more of the senses than digital media. Feeling and smelling the paper, for instance, leads customers to make more tactile memories with a brand. Furthermore, print pushes companies to consider the design elements of their ad across different media channels. Without relying too heavily on a digital crutch, they can build awareness in their community using only paper and ink.

Boosting E-Commerce and Social Media

Those in the e-commerce industry can take advantage of the benefits of print ads with help from companies like Concept Marketing, a full-service ad agency. Even if there is pressure to make sales through phones and email, online retailers are returning to print catalog — the sales tool of a not-so bygone era. Catalogs are a symbol of the enduring power of print, as it gives customers a convenient browsing experience.  

Print can also work in conjunction with a marketing strategy to enhance a company’s social media presence. An engaging and consistent print ad makes for shareable content and can engage customers both young and old.

The print medium is an important sales and marketing tool. Their brand-building potential suggests that they are still a staple for online retailers.