The Fatal Errors to Avoid in Developing Your “About Us” Page

Website layoutThe “About Us” page is perhaps the most visited section on a business' website. However, the owners themselves can sometimes disregard it. It is an addendum after other important product and content pages. You might not know it now, but that Melbourne advertising agency that you're thinking of hiring will reiterate how important your “About” page is. It does not only announce your business to potential clients. It also informs them the services you offer and the products you sell.

The “About” section helps create rapport and form trust. And in turn, it drives conversions. Here are the mistakes that you need to correct, stat!

Your “About” Page Is All About You

Of course, you have to inform your clients about the story of your business. You just have to keep in mind that these readers don't only want to learn about you. They are also (or more so) interested in what you do and what you will offer them that can improve their lives.

The problem is many business owners just state all their accomplishments and their life story. Sometimes, they leave out information about their business. Go ahead and tell them your story, but make sure that you avoid using too many corporate terms. Do not be afraid to have fun and flaunt your personality while you explain your business.

Your “About” Page Does Not Describe Your Purpose

Your “About” page is where you can show off as it is where you showcase your services and products. It is also a space where you can tell the world what makes you stand out from the competition. Precisely define what your customers can expect when they visit your website. Give them more details about your services and products.

It might not seem much at first, but optimising your “About” page will increase conversions. Avoid and correct the common errors above when you are developing or revising the said page.