Successful Hotel Marketing Tactics

marketing collageThe hospitality industry is a tough one. This is due to the fierce and tight competition among different hotel chains. The ability of hotel chains to be innovative is critical to stay ahead of their competitors. Because of this, a lot of hotel chains have been using hotel marketing agencies to gain an advantage. Here are some effective marketing strategies that a lot of hotel chains use today.

Personalized Services

Hotel chains are aiming for their customers to have a more personalized experience. One example of this tactic was effectively used by the Ritz-Carlton. A family that stayed with them had issues with their belongings – a child’s beloved toy. They did everything necessary to ensure the toy’s return via mail. However, they also added a personalized touch. They included pictures of the toy’s ‘adventures’ in the hotel. This strategy engaged the family at an emotional level.

Instant Messaging

Mobile chat applications are all the rage these days. It is not surprising hotel chains are taking advantage of their popularity. WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, WeChat, Lola Travel and Telegram are popular examples. Hotel chains also have their own chat robots. These computer programs can ensure hotel chains are always available for their customers.

Innovative Brand Experience

Hospitality brands are now providing customized experiences for their customers. They want to ensure that their guests have more perks when they use their services. For example, some hotel chains provide their guests with a lot of options. Some examples are Yoga classes, hotel scavenger hunts, and even meet and greet events. This strategy is an effective way to break into the millennials’ segment of the market.

To gain an advantage over their closest rivals, hotel chains need to be creative. They need to use the services of a professional hotel marketing agency. Marketing is the source of profitability because it spreads brand awareness. The more people are aware of your brand, the more chances of them using your services.