Six of the Best Reasons Your Real Estate Practice Needs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing on a computerAs with many other industries today, digital marketing is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan for your real estate practice or business.

Without a digital marketing plan, your practice or firm is missing out on some of the proven benefits of having a powerful presence on the Internet.

There are several reasons you should use digital marketing for real estate. These include:

Creating a Solid Brand

Going digital in your marketing efforts helps build your business as a brand. Online presence these days is the strongest pathway toward ubiquity, which you need if you are to garner a strong following and a huge market share. Without an online presence, your brand flounders about without direction, and it’s impossible to build it that way.

In some cases, embarking on a solid digital marketing program can revive a brand that’s all but faded from memory. Such is the case for Fuji-film, for instance, which made a strong comeback by using digital marketing to popularize — of all things — an analog camera called Instax. The company transitioned from Polaroid’s popularity of old to the modern version that appeals to Millennials.

Even if your real estate practice has seen better times, digital marketing can help it rebound and possibly catapult it to new heights.

Setting a Direction for Your Real Estate Practice

Whether you’re a part-time real estate practitioner or the owner of a real estate firm, you need direction first before you can achieve a winning proposition, which in turn can give you an edge in the market. Most real estate agents and firms without a digital marketing plan make things up as they go along. With a website and a plan, your marketing efforts force you to make a carefully studied move, which eliminates the guessing game in your profession.

You Need to Find Out More About Your Niche

Identifying a niche is one of the best gifts from the digital age. Almost everything is measurable with the right analytics tools. You can identify which type of customer visits your sites and social media pages most often, at what time of day, and during which season. You can find out where they’re from and what they do for a living, along with how much they can afford to pay for a house and what they value the most about a house. You can also use the right feedback tools to help you understand how they feel about something, such as the style of a house or its location, the neighborhood it belongs to and its proximity to the facilities that people tend to look for when buying a home.

Your Traditional Marketing Techniques are Not Enough

You cannot ignore how effective traditional marketing channels still are these days. Television and print still have their own markets and those markets tend to have the buying power to make your business successful. But they are not enough. There are thousands of real estate agents and firms out there vying for everyone’s attention, and the more attention you get, the better. With digital marketing, you are accessing a rich market that traditional media may fail to capture.

Millennials, for example, are coming of age — that age when they want to settle down and start their own families — and they are also gaining some of that buying power that used to belong to their earlier generation parents. Millennials are not a huge fan base for TV, but a huge chunk of their generation is active online. They get their video fix from YouTube and they listen to influencers. You want those numbers? Only some strong online presence can help you get them.

Your Earlier or Current Attempts at Digital Marketing are Disorganized

Many real estate agents and firms jumped on the online bandwagon when it began, but that’s the sad thing about pure bandwagoning — it is disorganized or otherwise inconsistent. Now is the time to take stock of what you have and plug the holes that may sink your ship. Enough with the disorganized marketing techniques. You can’t ignore that there are opportunities to make things better for your company online. It is time to start a digital marketing plan that pays for itself and more. It’s time to realize actual benefits and measurable effects from your digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Can Teach You to Follow Trends

If trends are not a part of digital marketing, then nothing is. Big brands that have consistently topped the digital marketing landscape have also shown consistent determination to follow and implement trends. Some of them are trailblazers too. When you get into the thick of digital marketing things, you teach yourself to follow trends and make use of them to gain an advantage over everyone else.

Amazon used to be a name associated with an online bookstore. Now, it’s a brand that is synonymous with convenience and online shopping. And it is still evolving.

If you’ve been following trends, you’ve probably already noticed the interest in augmented reality. You can use this for creating immersive digital marketing. Imagine what you can do at a showing if you had augmented reality in your corner. If in the past you asked buyers to picture themselves living in the house, imagining where they can put the sofa, now you can show them.

Digital marketing is not just an option you consider and scratch your head about. If you want to compete in the real estate industry, it is your responsibility to use digital marketing today.