SEO for Dentists: All About Keywords

Dentist doing his dental SEOIf you’re looking to get prospective clients to find your dental practice online, SEO or search engine optimisation is necessary. A great SEO campaign starts with the right keywords since these communicate to search engines what your site is all about and in turn, they list your page links on search engine results pages.

But how do you go about finding the best keywords to use in your SEO for dentists campaign? Dominate Dental shares the basics.

Build a Keyword Master List

Your keywords should all relate to your specific business, which is a dental practice. Example keyword could be “dentist,” “dental clinic,” as well as your services such as “dental implants” and “Invisalign” etc. You could use Google’s Keyword Planner and other reputable keyword tools for researching keywords. Once you’ve built your list, you need to choose which ones are most relevant to your practice.

Think Like a Prospective Client

Put simply, put yourself in their shoes. Know what they search for online and choose keywords that are relevant to them since they’re the ones you’re targeting.

Keywords with the Highest Search Volume are Not Always the Best

Unless your site already has a great SEO ranking, it won’t be easy to rank for keywords with high search volume since you’re not the only dental practice trying to rank for them. Instead, you could focus first on those with low to mid search volume so that when you get a high rank for those keywords, you’d have a better chance of ranking for those with higher search volume.

Consider Long-Tail Keywords over Singles

Long-tail keywords are better than single keywords because they could better capture user intent. For example, instead of just using “implants,” use “dental implants’ dentist” or “dentist dental implant surgery.”

Prioritise Geo-Location for Local SEO

Nowadays, optimising keywords for local search is a must so focus on using geolocation keywords. For instance, you could use “dental clinic in England.” While this keyword is fine, you could do better if you specify where exactly in England like so: “dental clinic in Hertfordshire,” the specific county, or better yet, “dental clinic in St. Albans”, the particular town.

Your Competition

Remember that you’re not the only dental practice looking to gain more clients so it’s a good idea to research what keywords other local dentists are using for the SEO efforts.

While proper keyword optimisation is a great start to kick-start your SEO campaign, there are many other SEO strategies effective for optimising your website for the best possible results in SERP’s. Consult an SEO specialist to see what else you should be doing.