Primary Processes Involved in Delivering Optimal Search Results

SEO process in an illustrationAnyone with an online presence today is optimizing their site for search engine optimization. This guarantees a handsome ROI since your website will be seen in the right circles and generate the intended effect. SEO is, however, more competitive today than ever before, and as such, it takes longer to get good results.

There are various strategies recommended for ranking at the top of search engines. A seasoned expert in SEO services in MN, however, recommends focusing on three primary elements in your website’s design to make it search-friendly. These processes are:


This refers to the method by which search engines discover the content on your page. These search engines use a program known as a ‘spider,’ ‘bot’ or ‘crawler’ depending on their type. The engines follow an algorithmic process that determines the sites they crawl and their frequency. Your website should have links that are working and be easy to crawl for optimal SEO results.


Search engines compile an index of the words used on your website and their location, which they enter into a database. This content is stored, organized and interpreted using algorithms to assess their value in relation to other similar web pages. Unique content and efficient keyword use will boost your website’s value in indexing.


This is the tangible process in SEO. After indexing, a search box checks the keywords' closest match. The keywords will then be assigned a score based on an algorithm which has several ranking signals. Your website will subsequently be ranked based on this assigned score.

The three processes above are the critical determinants of your site’s rank. All SEO website ranking strategies, hence, fall into optimizing your website for one of these processes. With the right design expert, you can change a few things on your site to boost your chance of a top SEO position.