The Power of Social Media in Online Marketing

social media networksSocial media has gradually become a necessity in life. It has become a part of our daily routine to check our social media accounts. From status updates to current events, social media has captured the time and attention of many people.

It is also a source of profit for certain businesses. Companies have found ingenious ways to solidify their brand via social media.

Jan Rezab, chairman ofa global social media analytics company called Socialbakers, talks about five social media marketing tips. Rezab expresses that “With every Social Media Minute, we give you a guide to help you with your social media campaigns.” He highlights five significant trends on how you can use social media to your marketing advantage.

Influencing consumer opinion and behavior

The popularity of social media has developed new functions for businesses. Companies are now much more active in social media. Successful company programs or milestones are just some examples of how companies update themselves in social media.

You may have noticed that videos are thriving on social media and are proving to be very influential. It can increase brand awareness with its informational aspect. It can also influence people to have a positive attitude towards a company.

Watching a video may seem more sincere than reading a written description. A video may easily capture a viewer’s attention more than an article or an image.

The Power of Video

Undoubtedly, videos have changed the landscape of online marketing. Videos can enhance the appeal of websites and web pages that sometimes contain an overload of text. Nowadays, people are likely to simply go back to the search results page if they only see words on a website or web page. However, videos with short descriptions may spark an interest.

The advantage with videos is that it is shared easily on social media. The magnitude of people sharing viral videos can result in global recognition. To reach this goal, a video must be engaging.

A creatively produced, engaging video can positively influence people to get to know more about a company.Indeed, care should always be taken with the content that goes on a website or homepage, and more so with impactful media such as video.

Facebook LikeSocial Influencers

Besides using the power of a video, social media also possesses social influencers. Social influencers are celebrities or credible groups that can persuade the public. They also use their popularity to their advantage. People who idolize or praise these people or groups may follow what these influencers are doing.

A good example of is how NYX and Becca turned in multi-million dollar cosmetics brands. These two brands gained social media engagement through the influencers on Youtube videos. Jaclyn Hill, a Youtube vlogger, loved to talk about Becca products on her Youtube channel. Due to her fame on Youtube, Becca was able to influence many make-up enthusiasts.

For NYX, the company gains massive social media engagement when their customers post a great number of status updates. Their posts focused on what they like and how they apply NYX products. This engagement grew organically, establishing NYX as a top cosmetic brand.

The strength of social media in online marketing has brought out the best in businesses. Influencing people’s behavior and opinions is achievable by posting videos. The addition of social influencers may also boost a company’s online engagement in social media. The possibilities of social media continually develop in a marketing evolution.