Investing In a Mobile App for Your Business: Why Do It

Instagram on a PhoneAlmost everyone has a phone in their pocket: it’s the must-have gagdet for entertainment, communication, social networks and marketing too. Businesses worldwide are shifting from billboards, leaflets and print media to their customers’ smartphones. In this digital era, if you are not investing in a mobile application, then you are trailing behind your competition. As of 2015, 15.3 million Australians use their phone for everything they need. 

What does this mean for businesses?

Reaching your market where they are is one of the best business tactics out there. Since they spend most of their time on their phone, it makes sense to provide them a platform that reminds them of your brand

That is where apps come in.

According to, a mobile app developer, the use of smartphones exploded in the recent years, which paved the way for more app installations. The developer adds that over 6 million apps have been downloaded since 2010 (that number is from Android and Apple alone). Still need more convincing? Consider the following:

Strengthens Your Brand Image and Increases Its Visibility

To succeed in this digital marketing era, having a strong image for your brand is crucial. Constant communication with clients helps to build a stronger brand image. Regular communication and increased visibility of your business psychologically build brand loyalty. A mobile application with great and helpful features will keep clients engaged.

Forms a Direct Marketing Network

All the information you want to get across to your clients is at their fingertips. By using push notifications, you can remind clients about your services and products anytime. Using an app is a less costly form of advertising compared to traditional advertising and instant messages. Linking the app to social media allows users to share their experiences on social media pages.

Improves Customer Interaction.

Mobile applications are an easier and faster alternative to website browsing. Since the info is on your mobile app, users can access it offline. This increases chances of conversion of potential leads to sales.

Creating a business mobile app entails more than just codes. Working with a professional mobile application development company ensures you use best practices of app store optimization {ASO}. Without proper ASO tools, your app takes a long time to discover and gets lost in the competition. You invest a lot in your mobile app, ensure your clients see it.

Build better connections with clients by being where they are. Start an app now and benefit from its numerous advantages today.