If You Don’t Have These Elements on Your Website’s Homepage, It Might Cost You

Instagram HomepageWhat should be on your homepage? Some business owners neglect that part of their website because they focus on creating the perfect landing page or on specific product or service pages. However, the homepage still has a very important role in your campaign. Ricks Concepts cite the following elements a homepage must have:

Distinct Value Proposition

You’ll need to make a definitive impression on those who land on your homepage. There must be no confusion as to who you are, what you can do and how you can help the people that visit your website. This begins and ends with your value proposition. Make it clear, show the advantages of choosing your brand, and use a language that your intended audience can relate to.

Social Media Accounts

Social media is no longer just creating and connecting communities across continents, it is also a platform for businesses to reach their markets. In today’s marketing climate, you’ll need profiles where your potential and current customers can easily reach you with a message or a hashtag. Add links to your profiles, whether it is LinkedIn or Facebook, on the homepage. Visitors may want to see your accounts. Additionally, social media accounts give you the avenue to craft your brand’s tone and voice. You can create personas of many kinds — playful, professional, youthful, sassy, funny, what have you. The limit does not exist.

Awards Won

Third-party awards legitimize or improve your authority in a particular niche. To an undecided visitor and potential customer, awards build your credibility and might sway them to trust you and make a purchase. Put these on display to funnel visitors to different pages on your site or direct them toward a conversion.

These are only a few elements that visitors must find when they land on your homepage. These improve user experience, funnel a visitor down the purchasing channel, and pique their interests.