From Vague to Viral – Here’s How to Do It

Smartphone icon holographicBusinesses today have the rare chance of going from zero to hero with the right approach to Internet marketing. Here’s how to turn your business into a viral sensation to pull in customers.

Hire the Professionals

This seems like the obvious choice, but you’ll be thankful for the resulting attention by hiring creative media companies. Many of these companies have had the historical know-how in turning an old product into something brand new for the millennial audience. They don’t have to be expensive – just a company with the right feel on the pulse of the masses.

Funny or Heart Warming

Many viral campaigns managed to tug at the human emotion so try to go for that angle. Create content that hits the funny bone or makes your heart go warm all over. Other techniques include material that makes people angry or irritated – but that’s not advisable if you’re a startup. The goal is to create content that would make it possible for people to associate you with good things.

Work with Influencers

There’s a good reason why companies contact vloggers to help launch their products. Influencers are the modern celebrities and make it possible for companies to reach millions of people through a famous vlogger. The beauty here is that you’ll only be paying the vlogger himself – no need to spend money on the taping or the flight or other knick-knacks you usually have to pay for a celebrity.

Create a Quirky Personality

Clients today appreciate the savage and witty. Hence, feel free to let out your inner Sarcastic Jane or Joe, as the case may be. Talk with people and appeal to the human side of your customers and you’ll find that their appreciation will launch you through the stratosphere.

Of course, those are just some of the ways you can make your business boom by going viral. Remember: content is everything. Be very circumspect when choosing how to present your product or business.