Four Top Reasons Your Business Needs Local SEO Now

SEO on a keyboardLocal search engine optimization is not only about small businesses like the mom-and-pop operation on the corner. Businesses big and small can benefit from the search algorithm updates that favor local optimization.

If you’re still looking for the right reasons to practice local SEO in Denver, here are some that might finally convince you.

Local businesses are a Google favorite

Google supports the entrepreneurial spirit. It has shown through the years its slight preference for small businesses. Those small businesses that are new and have the tendency to grow. You may argue that Google favors brand authority and history, but it also desires – more than anything – to give its users what they need. The more popular brands are not always the ones with the longest histories, but Google knows people love them.

Google’s tools are designed to help young and new business owners increase their visibility online, as it understands that young entrepreneurs often have very limited resources.

People are logging into Google accounts

And those accounts help Google search for individualized results per searcher. Search histories and location are taken into account, so a business within the searcher’s locale or anywhere near it can help Google customize results to favor the user’s convenience and your business.

Proximity is where it’s at

For years, mobile searches have eclipsed desktop searches. This means people use the search function on their mobile devices on the fly. People use maps more and more often these days, even if only to find a place to dine. In the coming years, mobile searches will continue to rise. Your business needs local optimization, as Google presents mobile searchers with proximity-based results.

Your competition is going local

Whatever your business is, you have competition. And more often than not, you will find that your competition is using local search capabilities to make their brand known to their local markets. Increase your chances of competing by doing the same, by strengthening your local online presence.

At this point, you are already late in the game if you still don’t do local. But the good thing about Google is it welcomes new players. Take advantage of local search, and see your bottom line get better over time.