Crash Course: Search Engine Optimization 101

Search Engine Optimization Ever wonder how to build your business’ online market? Are you looking to create or strengthen your digital presence? Do you want your website to be easily searchable? Well ask no more, here are three words to answer your questions: Search Engine Optimization.

GoDaddy, an American Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, created a one-minute video that defines Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As stated in the video, “SEO is all about getting the best search engine ranking for your website.” Search engine ranking pertains to the popularity of a website or webpage in the search engine results page.

Keyword Research

For you to get a high page rank on Google, you would have to use certain keywords in the content of your website. Keywords represent the phrases you type in the Google search bar. SEO can link keywords to a high page rank. The two types of keywords that should be used are commercial and informative.

Commercial keywords are those that can bring profit. For example, using words like “for sale”, “discount”, or “buy” is an indicator for profitable websites. Generally, buying, selling, and trading websitesuse saleable keywords.

In contrast, informative keywords are those that can increase search engine traffic and links. Question words like “who”, “what”, or “how” are examples of informational keywords. Educational websites usually use these type of keywords.

Local Search Optimization

When using Google, people usually want to find something specific. For example, if you type the words “Philippine restaurants in California”, you would be directed to websites that advertise popular Filipino restaurants around the state of California. This SEO strategy is called local search optimization.

People who want to find a specific company, product, or service within the vicinity use a location modifier on a keyword. Other than websites, the search engines would also show a geographical map of where these particular places are found.

It is important for you to include contact and directional information in your website. This may boost the page rank of your website, since it helps with geographically focused searches. It can also increase the chances of people visiting your website or purchasing your products or services.

Link Building

Using specific keywords in your website’s content is a critical technique of SEO. Another way to use SEO is to build links within your content. Using hyperlinks in your content will let your audience go to different web pages. This can improve a website’s page rank.

Link building can be properly executed by connecting certain keywords to credible websites. For instance, linking the words “Philippine desserts” to a website that presents information on various Philippine delicacies can improve the online presence of the article.

It improves the content by extending its informational reach. A blog site that talks about biking may include links to an organizational website of a specific company. Link building opens the possibilities of people purchasing your company’s products or services.

Using specific keywords in the content of your website can increase its chances of a high page rank. Likewise, link building is a credible method of introducing your business to the online world. Indeed, SEO can ensure a popular online presence for your business.