A Three-Step Guide to Reputation Management

Person touching thumbs up overlayThe State of Utah has been enjoying a boost in its tourism industry as of late. In 2015, tourism-related tax revenue reached $1.15 billion, and tourist spending within the state amounted to $8.17 billion, according to the Utah Tourism Industry Association. This growth was made possible despite one specter that has long haunted The Beehive State—its supposedly bad air quality.

This is where excellent reputation management comes in. Reputation management is a marketing method wherein brands and businesses attempt to shape the public’s opinion of them. In the internet age, this has largely to do with what kind of information is made accessible online regarding a person or organization.

Here is a three-step guide to reputation management.


This is a straightforward process that is an inquiry into how the online community views your brand. There are many ways to access this information, from scouring through social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) to reading review sites (TripAdvisor, Yelp). Other potential sources of information include blogs and forums.


Not all comments regarding your brand which you find online warrant a response. But if it’s too negative and thus threatens your reputation, it is in your best interest to do so. Here response should ideally come in two parts. First is verbal recognition of, and, if necessary, an apology for any perceived shortcoming on your part. Second is dealing with the perceived shortcoming constructively, whether via a new product promotion or improved services.


How your reputation is shaping up can be measured via the stars you get on review sites. Other tools include sentiment trackers on social media such as those offered by Facebook and Twitter.

The internet age has made all sorts of information accessible. This allows consumers to make informed purchases. Meanwhile, for brands and businesses, this means your marketing game should be kept at the optimum level lest your name suffers from accrued bad reputation. But there is no use worrying. After all, reputation is manageable.