3 Wise Ways to Achieve SEO Success in Singapore

A digital marketing conceptIn digital marketing, not all strategies would work in every location since people from different countries do not use the Internet the same way. To boost your site’s visibility in search engines in the Garden City, think about the online behaviour of Singaporeans to achieve your desired results.

For starters, any Singapore SEO expert would recommend using these tips:

Be Mobile-Friendly

In 2014, Google shared that Singapore has one of the highest smartphone adoption rates in the world. On average, every Singaporean owns more than three devices and 85% of the population has a smartphone. When it comes to Internet usage, 34% of Singaporeans are switching from computers to mobile devices.

In other words, it is important to make your site mobile-friendly. Although 42% of Singaporeans would use another device to access a site that does not work on mobile, the other 28% would bounce and go to a mobile-friendly site.

Target Computers for E-Commerce

Interestingly, one-third of Internet users in Singapore would still prefer to use the computer to shop online rather than a smartphone. While it may change over time as more people adopt mobile devices, this fact is worth keeping in your back pocket.

Furthermore, only 26% of Internet users in the Garden City buy online. The rest only go to different sites to compare products, read reviews, and get some inspiration.

Step Up Your Social Media Game

With the exception of tweets, social media posts generally do not appear in Google search. However, it is wrong to say that social media management and SEO are mutually exclusive. Actually, generating compelling content on Facebook would drive traffic to your site, which would then benefit your search engine rankings.

In Singapore, almost every Internet user in Singapore has an account in at least one social network. Singaporeans spend about two and half hours every day on it.

Singapore’s population may pale in comparison to that of its Southeast Asian neighbours, but it has the richest economy in the region in terms of GDP per capita. If you formulate the right digital marketing strategy tap this city-state’s few but wealthy residents, you could put yourself to profitability faster than you think.