3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mobile App Icon Design

Smartphone icon holographicWhen users search for apps online, they are bombarded with a huge number of apps that scream almost similar functions and designs. While your business’ mobile app might have superior functionality, its design and visual appeal also have a significant effect on its download rate.

Since your app’s icon is your first avenue for interaction with any potential user, it should represent your brand effectively. When superior design and functionality are combined, it becomes easy to have your app retained on a user’s phone. A mobile application development company shares three valuable tips for picking the right icon design for your app:

1. Keep it simple

A good app icon should be simple enough for users to understand its meaning easily. Therefore, compressing excessive data, details and colour into your icon is counterproductive. If you must include a variety of colours and details into your app, make it as simple as possible. App store visitors should get the idea of your app by taking even just one look at it.

2. Make the right colour choice

The colour of your app icon should help it stand out from other apps and blend in well with a variety of phone wallpaper backgrounds as well. Avoid working with colours similar to your competitors’ and choose to go with the theme colours of your brand for optimal brand representation. Choose your icon colour wisely according to the message you want to spread.

3. Use timeless app designs

Just like fashion, trends tend to wear away with time. Trendy app icons can only be viable for some time before they turn generic. If you wish to have your app around for a long time, make use of timeless designs.

Apps have slowly been reshaping the business world. With the right design, you can reap the full benefits that apps have in store for businesses. Follow these tips and get to increase the download rate of your mobile app.