3 Copywriting Techniques to Improve Your Text Ads

Pay Per Click Spelled on BlocksOne of the most important aspects of pay-per-click (PPC) is the text ad, which is a short description — about a sentence or two — of a page’s content. This sets the expectation of a potential visitor and allows them to determine if the website answers their query or solves their problem.

Text ads are your initial sales pitch, so you might want to do it right the first time. PPC management experts from Denver and other parts of Colorado cite some techniques you can follow:

Understand Your Market

Before you write anything, start by understanding your intended audience. The words you use and its tone will represent what you stand for and who your market is. Some prefer casual language, while others like a more scientific and formal approach. Collect enough information about your target market to know the right writing style for them.

People click on a link because they’re looking for a solution. Give them a good reason to choose you over the other links available in search results through the wording of your text ads.

Talk to Your Audience Directly

A completely detached approach can make you seem impersonal and robotic. The use of “you” and “your” in ads enables your business to connect and grab the attention of readers. A direct approach creates a helpful and friendly atmosphere between you and a potential customer.

Identify Emotional Triggers

An emotional punch separates great ads from good ones. The text ad may be well written and on point, but if it fails to evoke any emotion, you may not get the clicks that you want. Identify the feeling that stirs your target market into buying products in your niche. Feelings, such as the fear of missing out (FOMO), anxiety, and many others may work to your advantage if you phrase your ads properly.

These are some of the copywriting practices you can implement to improve the effectiveness of your text ads. Make every word count.